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Heidi Baker: God Saved My Life

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Heidi God saved my LifeIn my last post I gave you a video with Heidi Baker, the apostle of love in Mozambique, and you seemed to like it! So here’s another video with Heidi Baker! For you who haven’t heard of her, she is the founder and director of Iris Global together with her husband Rolland, and she is passionately loving the poor and broken while experiencing amazing miracles like blind seeing, deaf hearing and people being raised from the dead, and while preaching the Gospel about eternal life in Jesus. She’s basically very biblical!

This video is from a conference last year here in Sweden where Heidi was preaching (a women’s conference in fact, don’t ask me how I got in 😉 ). In the video, Heidi shares how she was dying in a tropical flesh eating disease just a few years after she and Rolland had started their ministry in Mozambique. After the doctors said that they could do nothing for her, Rolland asked her if there was anything he could get her. She said “Give me running shoes!”

She demanded that she would be released from the hospital. The doctor cried and urged her to stay, but she comforted him and said that she needed to visit a specialist. She then signed a document where the hospital took no responsibility when she died, and she and Rolland flew to Toronto to preach at the Airport Vineyard revival. “It was the worst flight of my life”, Heidi says, but she knew that God called her to preach there.

In Toronto, John and Carol Arnott urged Heidi to rest and said that someone else could preach while she was taken care of by a doctor. “They were good friends to us… but they didn’t want me to die on their video. It would have been very bad for them.” Heidi jokingly says afterwards.

Heidi says that when she walked up to the pulpit in the church, she was totally, completely, miraculously healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Now she says “I’m not afraid to die, and that’s a problemo for the devil!” So inspiring!

Check our Heidi’s whole sermon here. And again, check out her awesome missionary organization Iris Global.

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