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Urgent Humanitarian Crisis: Food Relief for Syrian Refugees is Cancelled

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Photo: UN

Photo: UN

I got some horrible news for you. Because of lack of funding from UN member countries, the World Food Programme has suspended their food voucher scheme to 1.7 million Syrian refugees. WFP has warned for this risk for several months, without getting a sufficient reaction. Now, there’s no money left. The consequences for the refugees and the countries that host them will obviously be disastrous.

The sad thing is that the problem is not that costs turnes to be higher than expected, but that donor countries simply has ont given what they have promised to give. WFP is urgently calling on donors to live up to what they have committed:

WFP Executive Director Ertharin Cousin said that WFP’s Syria emergency operations are now in critical need of funding.  Many donor commitments remain unfulfilled. WFP requires a total of US$64 million immediately to support Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries during the month of December.

If new funding arrives in December, WFP will immediately resume assistance for refugees who use electronic vouchers to buy food in local shops.

It is a horrible sin that we globally spend two trillion dollars annually on media and entertainment, that the US spend 150 billion dollars on luxury goods, my own little country of Sweden spend 10 billion dollars on fashion, and yet the whole world is unable to give 64 million dollars to feed hungry refugees? That’s insane! Jesus will ask us if we fed the hungry when He comes back (Mt 25), what then will we say? “Sorry I was too busy buying luxury, entertainment and fashion.”

We must push preassure on our politicians and churches to donate more to WFP. And while we wait for them, let’s donate ourselves. After all, it is soon Christmas.

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