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The Gang of God in India and Sweden

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Gang of God

I have a facebook friend called Niklas Frihaven who’s really on fire for Jesus. He has a facebook page called Gang of God where he regularly posts testimonies about healing and salvation from wherever God calls him to be. This is genuine, homemade excitement about the Holy Ghost, and I’d love to share some of what he has posted:

Niklas with the healed girl

Niklas with the healed girl

Wonders and Miracles in India
Much happened during our two weeks in India, want to share some testimonies .

An old woman had such pain that her back, she looked like a fishhook , during prayer , she became straighter and straighter , not completely straight but still free from pain and about 10 cm longer , Thank you Jesus!

Another woman had a large painful outgrowth like a tumor on the left hip , after the first pray the pain was gone, after the second prayer while we were talking to her the outgrowth disappeared right before my eyes, Halleluja!!!

I am so thankful to God that I get to experience all this , totally me and Dina got to be there when some 550 people were completely free of pain , disease , disability and psychological distress .

The girl in the picture was a bit special miracle , her mother brought her to the church, she was mute and deaf since birth , we prayed for her , and immediately she began to hear and then she started to say her first words ever , was so beautiful to see her happiness when she said her first word, JESUS!

An elderly man came to the church after the sermon, he came up for prayer, he was blind.
I prayed for him and asked if he felt any difference, he replied that he saw light, I prayed again and he could see clearly !

Last night before we went home to Sweden , we stopped at a nursing home , there was a man (pictured) who was mentally ill, he did not respond when spoken to, could not talk and was completely in his own world, me and Dina prayed for him a short prayer , we asked one of the keepers check if he noticed any difference, he spoke to the man who now suddenly replied in words .
I asked them to go out and test if it was possible to converse with him , soon after they enter and tells that he is completely healed , he can converse , understand everything and his mind is completely clear!
Hallelujah, Thank you Jesus !

All prayer for healing is done to my savior and lord Jesus Christ.
There is no man who can heal or do miracles, but he can and does do it all the time.
If you have not received Jesus into your life so do it now , your life will be changed , mine has been absolutely fantastic, so much has happened in just one year .

This is really cool
The woman in the picture, Mona struggled up the stairs at SOS Church in Stockholm with great pain in the feet and knees.
We asked if we could pray for her, said and done, the pain disappeared!

Then she told me that she had a malignant skin cancer that doctors wanted to operate, we prayed for her, she saw that the spots decreased, we prayed again and again, they had shrunk, hallelujah!, We prayed again and after checking I met a so happy woman that tears flowed when she told me that the spots were now completely gone!
This happened tonight

Thank you dear Jesus, this is amazing, all glory to you

Niklas Frihaven

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