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It’s Official: Jason Westerfield Preaches New Age

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One of the most popular and controversial blog posts on this site is Does Bill Johnson rebuking Jason Westerfield prove that Bethel is New Age? In it, I commented on how Bethel Church pastor Bill Johnson warned against the false teachings of a friend and student of his, Jason Westerfield. I pointed to some indications that Jason is preaching astrological new age, and therefore I thought that Bill had done the right thing.

However, no public comment on this from Jason himself could be found online. Because of this many people questioned whether we should take the claims of Bill Johnson, along with film producer Darren Wilson who knows both these guys and affirmed that he had heard Jason talk about aliens, at face value. What if they’re wrong?

Well, they weren’t. Now there’s official proof that Jason is, in fact, a new age consultant, as I explain here:

Just a few days ago Jason released an 18 minute video where he talks about interstellar travel, galactic centers, hyperspace, cosmic changes in human DNA, and some other new age stuff. Yes, Jesus is mentioned as “the person” who opened Jason’s eyes to these cosmic truths, but there is no reference to Scripture whatsoever.

On Jason’s website he promotes a web conference for $111 about “the ancient world, activation of the nine gates, Sirius & Orion”. He also offers private consultation at the absurd prices of $1500 for an hour and $4000 for three hours. When describing himself, he says among other things that he’s a futurist with a unique multi-dimensional approach working on interstellar affairs and man’s future in outer space… nothing about Jesus. Nothing about his former role as a Christian minister.

2 Peter 2 says: “there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves.Many will follow their depraved conduct and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories” (vv.1-3). I think this describes Jason in a very accurate way.

I do believe that there is hope for his soul though. James, the brother of Jesus, wrote: “My brothers and sisters, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring that person back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins.” (Jam 5:19-20). Let us pray that Jason comes back to the truth!

Update on What Jason Preached on the November 28 Web Conference

As you can see in the commentary section below as well as in the comments to the YouTube video, some people still aren’t convinced that Jason has abandoned Christianity and preaches new age – they think that what he says in the video is completely compatible with following Jesus. Apparently, several Christians attended Jason’s web conference on November 28th either because they thought he was OK or because they wanted to know what was going on. The following is a statement by some of these Christians, where they describe in detail some of the stuff that Jason was saying:

While seeming to challenge the validity of the Bible itself, Jason shared that the Genesis story and Abrahamic model is not only inaccurate, but used solely to keep us under control. Jason shared quite openly that he associates the Father from the Bible with historic archetypal father figures as well as gods of other religions, which were engineered throughout history to represent the trapezoidal nebula over Orion, relating to Sirius, the dog star. Jason brought up that g-o-d is d-o-g backwards and that he believes these beings have interacted with humanity throughout history as gods, or Anu (Annunaki). Jason believes that the Vatican has successfully planted the biblical understanding of the Christian God as a conspiracy-based agenda to place Sirius as the focal point of humanity’s religious programming.

While he claims to love God, he referred to him as ‘Source’, which in most traditions connotes more Eastern than Judeo-Christian ideals. Jason shared that while the human race was seeded on Earth by advanced civilizations, our genetic makeup, or our ‘father’s house’, is a collection of seeds of the stars, or of other interstellar species’ DNA, one of the major contributors being Sirian DNA. Jason also suggested that our inheritance as sons of God is because of this genetic lineage. As a result, he believes that Christian programming is propagating that Christianity is an extension of the Orion Order, that Sirius is our genetic father, and that the Christian God is really Anu (Annunaki).

We sincerely hope that our reader is able to feel our broken heartedness and poise of delay in releasing this letter publically, as this most recent speaking engagement may officially be the first time that Jason Westerfield released clear anti-biblical and anti-Christian teachings.


Additionally, Jason shared that he does not believe in partaking in communion with the Lord, and shared his belief that Jesus did not come to die for the salvation of our sins, but came to help us back in our ascension process by flipping the system of enslavement that has been in place since our fall:

“When I understand Orion, death, burial and resurrection, When I understand the pyramid, I understand tipping of the tables and the money lenders, I understand the Father in heaven and all these symbolisms of Anu and Sirius but also Osiris, over in Orion, and the death, burial, resurrection and the baptism, and the communion. You know, I am not really looking into like that like before where drinking of the blood and eating of the flesh, but its almost presented if you don’t do this communion or eucharist, you don’t go with the drinking of the wine from the blood and eating the flesh. That’s when Jesus gave his main sermon, if you can’t do it, then you’re not tough enough, you’re not man enough, you’re not loyal enough, that’s main turn, you’re like I don’t wanna be the guy that turns, I’m all in because it gets you on that winner spirit. But I’m actually not into cannibalism personally, and I’m also not into blood drinking, or vampirism personally, so I’m not going to go with that because that’s part of that system if you know what where that comes from, I’m telling you, I just can’t do that, and if you are, that’s up to you, it’s your prerogative, just know your views and where they come from.”

[…] While there were many other seemingly sacrilegious statements made, the extent of all these are not important for the purpose of this letter, as this letter is not intended to point out faults or to criticize. This letter is intended to empower individuals with the power to think. Specifically, we would like to conclude this letter by drawing attention to the issues and invite you to think about what lies behind the Western Gate. At the end of the conference, in a time of impartation Jason prayed that the 6th dimensional peace from the Sirian Empire to be activated. Having considered the above words of Jason on who the Sirians are and his views in relation to Anu being the Christian Father, we ask you to stop and think about the importance of what could be taking place here, in the event that Jason is wrong about who he is contacting.

As Christians who love Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, we would like to plead with our brothers and sisters globally: Friends, please be extremely sober and diligent to consider what would happen if Jason were successful in gaining our support to open the Western Gate?

This message is endorsed, and possibly co-authored, by pastor Mike Parson who has previously supported Jason Westerfield.

Justin Paul Abraham from Company of Burning Hearts has published a video where he says that he’s sorry to “wholeheartedly agree” with that Jason “has really, really departed from the faith”. He states that Jason doesn’t believe in communion, the Bible and the Christian God. He has therefore deleted a podcast where they previously had Jason on.

A guy who attended the conference writes on Facebook:

“The glory wasn’t on it for me, I was at an event of Jason’s a year and a half ago and it was great with some amazing signs that followed. But yesterdayI didn’t feel much glory. it was mostly about how aliens manipulated human race pre-Bible times , and he was saying he no longer puts himself under the authority of the Bible, and he was repeating himself multiple times. He spent about a third of the time explaining why the Bible was made up just to control people, and the rest of the time he was talking about outerspace.”

A woman agrees: “Something was definitely not totally pure with that whole thing. A lot of what I was hearing was new age views–and really new age, like I have a minor degree in theology. There was a lot of odd things peppered into his dissertation that was not sitting well with me at all. And I like to think that I am very open and accepting of others’ views.”

A lady who agrees with Jason’s teachings posts on Jason Westerfield’s official Facebook page: “I am Thankful for the conference and the boldness of the person who shared. He confirmed what my husband and I found when we started searching our genealogy out! We realized that the one world religion already exists and it is based on 1 race of people who were genetically modified by a group of extra terrestrial that from the sky came.”

And Jason’s co-worker Laurel Winslett who helped organizing the conference writes: “Christianity is not the one true world view. Jesus is the only Logos of this planet sent here to teach us about our royal bloodline. Christianity is a religion devised by the Vatican to keep people enslaved to the idea of sin and the need for a Savior. Christianity is a mind control program enhanced by MK Ultra. <– Google that. Please do your research. Have a beautiful day! You are free!!”

It is undoubtedly new age that Jason is preaching. Just have a quick look at these two new age sites that, just like Jason, talk about Sirius and Orion, stargates, the galactic center and renewed DNA.

Once again, we must pray for Jason, because he’s a new age preacher and not a Christian anymore.


  1. justin129 says:

    You seemed very upset about Jason falling away from Jesus and the gospel, and I joined in prayer with you.
    It’s always heart breaking to see people who get misled, but it is scriptural as you rightly point out in 2 Peter.
    I pray in Jesus name that he will have his eyes and heart re opened to the Lord.
    Thank you Michael for this post , not only for Jason being deceived, but also other people who can get drawn in and taken away from the real truths of Jesus Christ and the gospel.

    Bless you.

    Justin Gosling (Jesus Army )

  2. Zane Welton says:

    Well, i don’t know…i think as long as he is alive God can deliver him

  3. Will says:

    It is interesting that so many Christians do not understand multiple dimensions , the spirit soul and body realities … Etc … Jason is incredibly intelligent and also spiritually dynic in other reality dimensions … That in no way makes him new age … The discussion of aliens is rampant in our culture and people of faith are going to have to address these issue head on eventually and sticking their head in the sand about other living creatures really does injustice to a God who is an amazing creator of the universe … You can find more of my thoughts on the westerfield situation at my blog … But John crowder and Bill Johnson are clearly ridiculous in how they handled this … ive been around a lot of spiritual drinks over the years and crowder seems in my perspective to be superficial …

    • Hello Will!

      Thanks for your comment. I see that your blog post was written in April, which of course was long before Jason released the video that I discuss above, namely this one:

      In the video, Jason does preach new age from start to finish. There’s no reference to Scripture but a lot of talk about hyperspace, galactic centers, interdimensional transformation etc. Stuff that you don’t encounter in the teachings of Jesus but you sure do in the new age movement.

      I would really want to encourage you to re-read the gospels and study the teachings of Jesus. What did He want to say, what did He want us to do?

      As I explain above, Jason does not mention Jesus or anything Christian really on his website, he does not describe himself as an evangelist or Christian minister but as a “futurist” and a consultant for ideas on interplanetary travel.

      If Jason is a good Christian leader, intelligent and experienced as you say, does this mean that you would like other Christian leaders to talk much more about hyperspace and aliens and less about the Bible? Can you honestly say that what Jason currently is doing is what Jesus intended us to do.

      And to be clear: I am not questioning that God potentially can create life on other planets or hyperspace or what have you. I’m just pointing out that it was never something Jesus and the apostles spoke about, but it clearly is something that new agers are focusing on. Let’s stick to Jesus.

      God bless you!

      • Will says:

        You could potentially talk about a grilled cheese sandwich for twenty minutes and never mention Jesus name but that wouldn’t make you an unbeliever . It seems very hyper religious to say that sort of thing to me. He has worked with NASA I believe which means he was probably a consultant the interplanetary things for his job . Talking about planets and the sky dorsnt make a person new age . In fact, I find that the Christian church labels many people new age that are not … What is the fear? What are we do afraid of ?

        As I posted on my blog post one of the original issues and still the issue at hand is that Bill Johnson says that Jason contaminated many people he spoke with . We are ALL individually responsible to test all things … If people aren’t doing that they cannot blame Jason or anyone else. Jason may have different ideas or views than I do but I can sleep well at night knowing I test everything and I don’t have to block or demonized someone because of their views ….

        As Jesus discussed … Many generations hate the prophets and this one is no exception

        • Hello again Will!

          Your answer baffles me, to be honest. Haven’t you watched Jason’s video? It’s a religious sermon he’s holding, he’s describing for instance a vision where he was taken to the galactic centers through a womhole and viewed the galactic history on monitors. His website talks about opening gates and sirius and orion. This isn’t a NASA lecture on astronomy, it’s a new age sermon on astrology.

          An equivalent wouldbe if a person holds a religious sermon about grilled cheese and describes supernatural visions where he was taken to the Cheese King on the moon and was served the golden cheese thatcan redeem humanity into a new age of cheesified salvation.

          If something walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. Likewise, the themes, aesthetics and execution of Jason’s message is undoubtedly new age, and thatmakes him a new age preacher. Again, I really hope and pray that he gets back to Jesus and stops spreading occult teaching.


          • Will says:

            Orion and Sirius are constellations … Wormholes and portals are factual science now … Did you know about the hadron collider that is a global science project to collapse a star ?!? Trying to create a black hole in the earth to harness for energy!! This is not science fiction but real in our living age science

            I watched the video of Jason. I am anchored in my faith in God enough that his video doesn’t scare me … It fascinates me … Talking about Gods creation is amazing … I’m just sad you all are stuck and don’t see that

          • Again, I’m not discussing the existence of either aliens or wormholes, I’m pointing out that Jason is not holding a scientific lecture on these things but a religious sermon – his point is that he in a vision travelled through a wormhole to arrive at some television screens that showcased all of galactic history. He is furthermore talking about transformation of mankind into a new era, which again is clear-cut new age. I’m starting to suspect that you are actually trolling me, because I find it difficult to believe that anyone honestly can think that what Jason is saying in that video either would have been accepted at NASA or in a church pulpit.

          • Will says:

            I’m not trolling you . I actually believe Jason’s messages recently to be quite awesome .. I find most Christians lazy in faith and quite godless …

            Do people still read the bible ?? I do!!! Have you ever read Ezekiel??? In today’s Christianity I think church people would call Ezekiel new age , the would call Hosea a sexual deviant for marrying a prostitute … They would call Elijah a conspiracy theorist … The truth is that being a Christian today means blaspheming God and making a mockery of his truth and wonder by having no faith, no wisdom and understanding .. And absolutely no influence for social transformation ??? Where are the Elijah’s of Hod? Where are the Isaiah’s or the jeremiads or the Joseph’s??? Not in churches I can tell you that

            The fact that you think my dialogue is trolling really pusses me off because it means you did not value the interaction I was trying to have and that you were so close minded that if someone doesn’t agree with you then they are trolling … The only troll here is your religious demon

      • Lamont says:

        There’s a lot of stuff Jesus didn’t preach about. Let’s not get so rigid as to say if jesus didn’t preach it we can’t discuss it. You get my point I hope. That being said, Jason is definitely off the rails and totally outside the bounds of true Christianity. He was becoming a great witness. Unfortunately the enemy has been successful in deceiving him. Dr. Michael Heiser could really help Jason with the Anunnaki deception, Sirius and Orion origins etc. In fact all Christians would greatly benefit from the knowledge Dr. Heiser possesses. He has advanced degrees in 6 ancient semitic languages, ancient near eastern history and has a resume that is pages long. Jason would be without excuse after listening to Dr. Heiser’s teachings and reading his books. They are ground breaking, highly acclaimed and completely Scriptural.

    • Zane Welton says:

      i don’t think so…He is a vey solid leader in the body of Christ and he was warning very graciously…if you listened to the warning you could tell bill was sad …Jesus word is what our foundations are….how does what Jason is preaching bring anyone to know the saving power of the cross? I hate to see him fall…but he is a danger …he has a power spiritual gifts …and he could lead many astray….so who are you to question bill’s authority? He is Jason’s spiritual father and Jason was operating under their ministry…

  4. Zane Welton says:

    i agree bro it is new age…i shared with a prayer leader that used to be over the state of new hampshirew…she was disturbed…He is not preaching the Jesus of the Bible…we need to pray God keeps Jason in His hands….

  5. Will says:

    Also if John Crowder thought Jason was truly gnostic or crazy in conspiracies he shouldn’t be his arrogant self .. He should be WEEPING before God for his brothers wellbeing

    All these judgements people have against Hason’s faith but I don’t see the love of Christ … I don’t hear concern from others … Just leaders who have control issues demanding he obey their intentions ….

    How many if you can say you stand before God in prayer … Blessing Jason’s spirit connection to Christ?

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  7. Johan says:

    Hi Will

    When Isreal went into the promised land two reports came back!! The one don’t go we will die the other report please lets go it’s been given to us by YHVH.

    Everyone stood with rocks aiming at the Tru Believer Scouts!

    We have been given dominion over all all creation stars moons galaxies! So how do you rule over something if you haven’t even seen it or engadged it? We are more concered with the earthly things yet YHVH says let our minds be in Heavenly places.

    What if the Rock Throwers hear that satan is not our biggest enemy and that his under our feet already alla Yeshua. But they still fight him why?

    The New Agers just like the Giants are sitting in our promised land yet christians don’t go there to reclaim,rule and rein over they rather collect rocks for ” False Prophets”.

    Jer33:3 States they if we ask upon YHVH that he with show us great and mighty things we DO NOT KNOW in other words Bill , John, Jason etc. Have not preached , wrote a bestseller on or made a movie of and O has not been written in the Bible cause why ask if its all there.

    And if YHVH is willing lets get beyond laying of hands baptizing etc.

    Support you Will!!

    Thanks Will


    • Kay says:

      I want to see the video where Jason said all of this stuff at the conference on November 28, 2015. 1000 people can tell me the exact story and I still will not believe it until I see it for myself. Let me discern for myself.

    • Jude says:

      Will, Jesus is the only way and the Bible is the only truth. In love, Jude

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  9. Nathan says:

    This is disturbing.

  10. […] profeter är snarare människor som påstår sig vara kristna men som förkunnar ockultism, såsom Jason Westerfield eller Ma […]

  11. Your comment about Mike Parson puzzles me. He is all for Communion and the power of the blood of Jesus towards transformation.

    It seems from your post that Jason is rejecting the Bible as an anchor of our belief. If it is true that the Bible is not entirely true and entirely the inspired Word of God, then we all are deceived, otherwise Jason is deceived. It comes down only to that and no complex arguments is further required.

    Holding to our position that the Bible is indeed God’s inspired Word, and that the 4 empires that Daniel spoke about already came and went, I am waiting to see the Rock which is God’s reign fill the whole earth.

    What I dont get is why our light is so week that the Khazarian empire with the Rotshchild and committee of 300 with the queen as chairman has managed to enslave the people of the world and pull the wool over most of our eyes for so long, after Jesus gave us His church all authority.

    It does not add up and something is wrong and that lures seeking searching souls crying out for wisdom and understanding to question even the things they always held true, in hope of finding a worldview that is not all disjointed and misplaced in so many ways.

    • Ben says:

      yolandeerasmus, the comment in this post about Mike Parson was saying that the Mike Parson endorsed the *email message* reporting what happened at the Westerfield conference. Mike’s endorsement was for the email critique of Westerfield, not for Westerfield’s teaching.

  12. Diane dawson says:

    Can I get in touch with Jason? Important to me

    • Hi Diane!

      Unfortunately, he has deleted his webpage, Facebook and Youtube pages and so I don’t know of any way to get in touch with him. Let’s pray for him.


  13. Andrew says:

    Micael, I like your website. Scandinavia certainly needs more people like you. Being part Norwegian and having visited, the general populace is stuck in spiritual concrete much like the USA. God’s judgement is going to break it loose soon but it will make for challenging times.

    I think what is going on with Jason is very sad but should be handled privately. Jason has been tarred and feathered publicly (and to his credit has not responded…publicly at least). If he is indeed being seduced, people need to pray for him earnestly. A more important issue at hand is the deception at large within charismatic ecosystem. Far more dangerous things occur “in the name of Jesus” with the appearance of theological legitimacy. A lot of people feel Bill J and his ministry are off and have highlighted New Age tendencies in their writings and ministry. People are so starved for signs and wonders that they don’t use discernment. Holiness and the person of Christ come first. Signs and wonders are a distant second.

  14. Noel says:

    Is it a suprise that a Godly man praying over people at a New age festival can be oppressed and controlled by the vary spirit he drove out? Furious love..He needs prayer and deliverance.

  15. Teresa says:

    Micael, I appreciate your heart and your self-control brother. Blessings. I wanted to say that Mike Parsons has actually commented on this event. You can hear his very tactful non-specific observation that Jason was ‘following weird beliefs’ (Mike’s words) in a YouTube video he made on addressing Heavenly Government. Mike goes on to say that the point he’s focusing on in his video is not about what Jason is or is not into, but about how ‘a stance was taken about the issue of a person (Jason) not coming under the covering of men (Bill Johnson + Bethel)’.

    If you’d like to watch it, the video link is and you can listen to these statements beginning around the 12:33 minute mark into the teaching video.

  16. Richard says:

    Hello Micael are you part of the Jesus army church as I live in London uk and used to hang out with em quite a lot in fact I was led to the Lord by an ex member of the church when I was 53 years old

  17. Richard says:

    Hello Micael I have just noticed on your site that you do indeed live with the Jesus army I live very close to the west London community where abouts are you based

  18. Cody Andrews says:

    I feel like you’re very much misunderstanding what Jason’s saying. He’s not saying Jesus is a Syrian messenger. He’s saying that all of humanity is Syrian in origin, since ancient times. So, if Jesus was a man (which you believe) then he would have Syrian origins. Anyone who is born of the spirit has no beginning and no end. The original word for “everlasting” in John 3:16 means “having no beginning and no end.” Google it. The Bible says that Jesus came to bring many sons to glory. So whether Jesus’ dad was Anu (someone who was so glorified in his ascension back to our creator that he was brought to glory, having no beginning and no end i.e. perfect as our heavenly father is perfect, ) or he was the uncreated all source, from whom everything comes.. it doesn’t matter. Jesus says “be perfect therefore as your HEAVENLY FATHER IS PERFECT.” Which means whoever Jesus’ heavenly father was, was perfect.

    Even in what Jason’s saying, there are these facts: God loves you, Jesus loves you. Jesus came to save you. You have a heavenly father and you can be like him and you will be with him.

    But the idea that Jesus is the only son of god is even against the bible itself.

    “But as many as received him, to them gave the power to become the sons of God. Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”
    If you receive him, “you are not born of blood, nor of the will of flesh nor of man, but of God.” YOU are begotten of God!
    Jesus predicts his death but he never says that his purpose is to die so that we can be forgiven for the bad things we’ve done.
    THAT’S what was invented. 😉

  19. Jesus Is Lord says:

    I find it really sad that he has departed from the faith and I pray that God has mercy on him and draws him back to himself and reveals Jesus to him in all his fullness. I suspect that Westerfield (who was know as an evangelist) was most likely the victim of overt witchcraft. He was seen engaging people from the New Age in the documentary Father of Lights and so it’s not unimaginable that he may have been attacked for what he was carrying. I absolutely believe there are lots of dimensions of God we are yet to discover and mystical truths, however these must always be considered through the blood of Jesus and be in line with the Word of God. I pray for his restoration and reconciliation to the Father of LIGHT! I pray that Westerfield has a true encounter with Jesus – The Messiah and he would know the Truth and the Truth shall set him free. Amen.

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