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How to Stop the Mass Drownings in the Mediterranean

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The Waters

The Mediterranean genocide is nothing new , over 25,000 people have drowned when they have tried to cross the sea to reach Europe during the last 20 years. European politicians have known about this problem for centuries, yet it is still ongoing. The reason for this is that they simply want it to be like this: they are stuck between being insanely evil or sacrificially merciful, and then they chose a deadly middle-way instead. That’s why Syrian children die in Mare Nostrum: it’s because of politics.

First of all, why do refugees die in the Mediterranean? It’s because they travel with extremely fragile boats provided by smugglers. These crooks usually demand lots of money – often around 1,000 euros and sometimes even as much as 10,000 euros. So why don’t the refugees fly with airplanes? Well, because they aren’t allowed to. As professor Hans Rosling explains in the video above, an EU directive has made sure that airlines must pay the costs of all immigrants who aren’t refugees and therefore are to be deported. Since no airline wants to take the risk of paying these costs, they simply deny all people from developing countries that don’t have a visa, entrance to their planes. And visas aren’t granted to refugees.

This is why all refugees must enter the EU illegally, on dangerous boat rides across the Mediterranean or inside trucks from Turkey to Greece. It’s illegal because there is no single way for them to enter legally. Still, since refugees must be granted asylum according to UN conventions that European countries have signed as well as EU:s own decisions, many who do enter a EU country will be granted asylum, and then suddenly become a legal immigrant. Pretty messed up system, isn’t it?

This means that there is a very simple way to stop the mass drownings in the Mediterranean: allow refugees to fly. It’s cheaper, safer and easier than being smuggled on boats. Of course, this would most likely mean that many more refugees would be able to arrive to Europe – which is great, because Europe needs to do much more to help refugees. Here’s a chart I made based on information from the World Bank and on how much money the EU has and how mane refugees we receive, compared with Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt:


As you can see, Jordan receives four times as many Syrian refugees than the EU, but they have less than 0.2% of the money the EU possesses. Whoever claims that Europe lacks capacity to receive refugees either is uninformed or is simply lying.

Yet, we do have our fair share of xenophobic activists in Europe who do claim this and don’t want to welcome immigrants and love them as themselves as the Bible commands (Lev 19:33-34). Some have argued that the best way to stop the mass drownings in the Mediterranean is the “Australian model” – that all who arrive to their border illegally should be put in detention and then be deported, even if they are refugees (this is the policy which the amazing Christian Love Makes a Way campaign fights against).

Now, besides violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which says in article 14 that all have a right to apply for asylum, and besides being morally monstrous since both Europe and Australia are much richer than their surrounding developing countries, this would most likely not stop refugees trying to get into Europe as the Australian policy has to a large extent “succeeded with”. The reason for this is that Australia doesn’t have a Syria nearby – most refugees that try to get to Kangaroo Land are political and economic refugees rather than people fleeing from war.

So let refugees fly, that’s the most moral, Biblical and rational thing to do.


  1. justin129 says:

    Great blog! It’s something thatis very close to my heart, governments have so much to answer for. They are more worried about economic consequences and public opinion than people every time.

    Let’s take these families and people in, can we not find space in our homes?
    We’ve done it before in the Holocaust, when people are in need we should respond, with love.

  2. ricklamascus says:

    If only it was 2,000 years ago and it involved perhaps 500 people and NO MORE that. And all of the Arabs were Christians. And these Arabs wanted to assimilate in the host country.

    Here are the problems:

    There are probably ten million more behind those showing up. For small European countries to absorb them is to lose their own culture….becoming a minority in their own country. As soon as those back in Syria, etc.find out that they can force they way in to a European nation and get socialist benefits…just like a citizen…they are moving!!
    A few might be Christians, most will be muslims, some will be terrorists.

    The REAL problem is islam and muslim governments. And all these terrorist governments are supported by Iran. There is so much hatred coming from these muslim governments….that is what driving the people out. Unfortunately, European countries have NO WILL to combine with the support of NATO and the the US and crush these terrorist governments.

    While it sounds so wonderful and so Christian to condemn the Christian
    countries of Europe….it will be the ruin of their own culture to let all these muslims pour in. I find it perplexing that any European citizen is not disturbed about losing his own culture.

    Hey….why aren’t these muslim refugees fleeing to rich muslim countries like
    United Arab Emirates, Dubai, etc.? Why do muslims always run to Christians…whom they hate…to get some comfort? They never run to a muslim country….too much hate, execution, slavery, etc. And then Christians complain and criticize Christians….and not one sentence of criticism for islam…a so-called religion– that kills all who oppose….AS IS REQUIRED by islam. It is not “just a handful of radicals” …it is basic, fundamental islam. If someone calls himself a “moderate muslim” …that will not last. When the hardcore muslims get control….they will threaten these
    “moderate muslims” with DEATH if they want to remain moderate and cooperate with Christians or Jews. Moderate muslims are not tolerated by hardcore muslims. That is real islam.

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