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Surprise Sithole: Food Multiplication

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I’ve written several times about Surprise Sithole, the South African apostle who has raised several people from the dead in the power of the Holy Spirit and that has heard the external, audible voice of God. He’s a passionate activist and aid worker, and in this video he shares how he has seen multiple multiplications of food in Malawi and Mozambique. It’s certainly some food for thought!

Check out Surprise’s website and the homepage for his ministry Iris Global. You can also watch the full interview I made with him here. Or read his book, Voice in the Night – it’s amazing!

Food Multiplication

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  1. Phyllis Shackelford says:

    Very AWESOME & GLORY TO GOD!!!! We in America were told that there are some Apostles of Christ in Africa that raise the dead! Now I have read for myself ,and receive that God indeed is the same, yesterday, today & forever!!!!Please touch and agree with me & pray in the Holy Spirit for me, my situation, hinderances in prophesied finances being released, for my family , and about the state of the church in America. Expose & rebuke witchcraft, false leaders, apostasy & mammon in our churches also. Thank you, & may the LORD continue to bless, keep & use you in a mighty way! Amen ! God bless you! Hope to travel to Africa, meet you & support your ministry financially soon!

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Micael Grenholm, a Swedish charismactivist, apologist and author.

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