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The Top 5 Popular Posts on Holy Spirit Activism in 2014

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Possibly a new logo for Holy Spirit Activism. Tell me if you like it!

Possibly a new logo for Holy Spirit Activism. Tell me if you like it!

As always, the WordPress “stats monkeys” has produced a summary of the past blog year that you can find here. I thank God that the blog is growing and pray that He will lead me and others to inspire more and more people to become radical, charismatic Jesus hippies, combining miracles with evangelism and activism.

Here’s the top five viewed posts during 2014:

1. The Kundalini Myth. This post was actually written in 2013, but people keeps finding it on Google, and it’s the most commented post on this blog as well as the most viewed one. Many Christians believe in Andrew Strom’s claim that large parts of the charismatic movement are influenced by the Hindu kundalini sect, but thankfully many are also questioning this ridiculous claim, and I hope that my blog post has convinced some that Strom’s Kundalini warning is a myth.

2. Compelled by Love Movie Review. This amazing documentary on the lives of Heidi and Rolland Baker and their ministry Iris Global was released in January, and although the audience may be somewhat limited thousands have found my movie review through Google. Maybe I should do some reviews more often? ūüôā

3. Pope Francis: “The Charismatic Movement is Necessary”. I’ve written about Francis a couple of times,¬†and even though I don’t agree with Catholic doctrine on several spots I think his passion for evangelism, poverty reduction, peacemaking and Spiritual gifts is absolutely awesome, since I’m also passionate about¬†evangelism, poverty reduction, peacemaking and Spiritual gifts. In this post I highlighted his positive words¬†about the charismatic movement in his famous meeting with journalists on the pope plane from Rio back to Rome, and the post sparked some controversy¬†but also excitement.

4. Why Cessationism is Unbiblical, Irrational and Boring. Another¬†2013 post with a slightly provocative title, I here criticize John MacArthur and his Strange Fire conference. I would later on make a video and write several other blog posts where I deepened my critique towards cessationism, but in this initial response to MacArthur’s rather wild claims (he for example said that most charismatics aren’t Christian, and how horrible it was that charismatics don’t have hymns and suits) I simply pointed out that the teaching that miraculous Spiritual gifts is unbiblical, does not make much sense (why would God stop give healing gifts to people?) and is pretty boring.

5. Violent Persecution of Christians in Iraq. If we jump a couple¬†other 2013 posts and another post about Compelled by Love,¬†we get to this one, about ISIL’s horrible persecution of Christians in Iraq. This is a tragic humanitarian disaster and I asked Christians in other parts of the world to pray for our Iraqi sisters and brothers and to give money to aid organizations. ISIL marked Christian houses with “N” for Nazarene, which sparked a Christian solidarity campaign where thousands of disciples around the world changed their profile picture on social media to the Arabic letter for N (the Church of England still has it on its Twitter account), and since my blog post had the same picture, I think many shared the post to show their friends what it meant.

Some other nice stuff that happened during 2014: I visited the Jesus Army in the UK and started to plan for planting a similar church with community of goods in Sweden, I started an awesome YouTube channel and I published a book! What’s next for 2015, then? Well, I hope to get a new nice logo for the blog and YouTube channel (tell me if you like the one above!), I will use YouTube more now that I got a channel for it, and I’ve decided to focus on three things the coming year:

  1. Bible Study. I want to read the Bible more and share the Word with you.
  2. Simplicity. I want to live more simply and deepen my theology of simplicity, community of goods and sustainability.
  3. Miracles. I want to use more miraculous Spiritual gifts and teach and train others to have a naturally supernatural lifestyle.

You’re very welcome as always in this journey for social and spiritual revival. God bless you abundantly!


  1. felipe says:

    I like the new logo. How I can discovering my spiritual gifts?

    • Hello Felipe! Excellent question! Knock and the door will be opened. God will give you the gift you desire in your heart. We are encouraged by Paul to first and foremost seek the gift of prophecy (1 Cor 14:1) but the Spirit gives as He chooses, and He also creates a desire in you for the gift He has bestowed upon your life.

      Huge blessings!

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Micael Grenholm, a Swedish charismactivist, apologist and author.

Micael Grenholm, a Swedish charismactivist, apologist and author.

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