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School Revival in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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From an article by Gateway News, published a year ago:

Shannon-Leigh Barry

Shannon-Leigh Barry

St Thomas High School in Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth has been transformed by a move of God over the past two months during which hundreds of learners have committed their lives to Jesus Christ and a number of miracles have been reported.

The revival began at a school assembly on Monday, March 5 when about 500 learners put up their hands when former St Thomas learner, Shannon-Leigh Barry, 25, asked for a response from anybody who wanted to know the Jesus that she had been speaking about. Shannon-Leigh was leading the assembly at the invitation of her father, Mark Barry, a teacher at the leading Northern Areas school which has more than 1 000 learners.

Since the March 5 assembly, several hundred more learners had turned to Jesus, and there were regular manifestations of spiritual gifts such as healings, prophecy and speaking in tongues at the ongoing revival meetings at the school during breaks and after school, said Shannon-Leigh in an interview yesterday.


Shannon-Leigh said that after she prayed a prayer of salvation with around 500 learners she heard God say to her: “Now show them what purpose and destiny is — prophesy!”

She said she protested to God that she felt that she was “just a baby” and “not mature enough”.

“But God said: ‘Just Go. Speak. I am with you’ “

Shannon-Leigh prophesying

Shannon-Leigh prophesying

And so she obeyed. In one of four prophetic encounters, she called out a Grade 9 boy, saying:” Morne,  would you please stand.” She said people around the boy called out that his name was Muneer. But God told her to carry on speaking. Later she learnt that the boy’s original name — the name which was  on his birth certificate — was Morne. When he was in Grade 4 he had converted to Islam and his name became Muneer. Her words had impacted him because it showed that God knew him by name. Since then the boy had testified that Christ has now changed his life. […]

Shannon-Leigh described several healing testimonies from the revival. At the initial assembly, a young Christian girl came forward and asked her to pray for her unbelieving brother who had cancer. The next day the brother went for medical tests and was amazed to learn that all trace of the cancer was gone, she said. […]

She said that in her ministry at St Thomas she was fully accountable to her church.

“I am just an ordinary girl doing extraordinary things because of Christ Jesus in me. I give Him all the Glory. When you love someone you do anything to please them and make them happy. This is why I do what I do because of the love I have for Christ. That makes it so easy to show the love of God because He first loved us. “


  1. Josh Hoping says:

    awesome! Just goes to show once again that God uses everyone – young and old, male and female. =D

  2. […] ← School Revival in Port Elizabeth, South Africa […]

  3. John says:

    Please pray with me to be mightly used by God

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