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Image from PCPJ

Image from PCPJ

“Israel should of course have all of the land that God gave them from the beginning, and then there is no space left for a Palestinian state.”

This comment appeared once on my Swedish blog in a discussion about the conflict in the Middle East. And this guy is not alone, millions of Christians think that it is God’s will for the Jewish people to possess all of the Biblical land of Canaan once more in order for Jesus to come back. While I honour their zeal against anti-semitism and passion to follow God’s will, I have to disagree with them.

In my opinion, Christian Zionism is not only unbiblical but it has had, and continues to have, very serious consequenses in the Middle East. In a blog series of approximately ten parts called “The Promised Land”. I will dig deeper into what Christian Zionism is, what it has led to in the Middle East and what the Bible really says.

Part 1: Origins of Christian Zionism

Part 2: The Men in Black Theory

Part 3: Supersessionism = Antisemitism?

Part 4: Has the Church Replaced Israel?

Part 5: Canaan or Heaven?

Coming up:

Part 6: Romans 11

Part 7: The Law and the Gospel

Part 8: Fear of Cursing Israel

Part 9: The Conflict

Part 10: The Christian Call to Peacemaking


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  6. G says:

    Read the first instance of when God tells Abraham about the promise land, God says that Abram will live there with all the other “ites” that was and still is the plan. The promise land isn’t a place, you know that, it is a space we occupy internally firstly and then every where we go is promised land.

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